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[LT Infomail#6] Exhibition Plan, Beverages Bar, Tables, AKK - Debian

[ available in a couple of hours ]

1. Exhibition Plan

   Last weekend until today I've spent quite some hours on working on
   the exhibition plan in order to arrange all of your booths. With
   regards to the exhibiting projects the exhibition plan has now been
   finalised. Even for commercial booths the exhibition is more or
   less fixed as well.

   About half of the projects will have their booth in the ground
   floor of the conference building (Stadthalle) while the other half
   will be in the Gartenhalle next to the commercial booths. I have
   created maps of both locations so you can get an idea of where your
   booth is located. The booth numbers are also visible in the
   [7]projects overview.

   1. http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/LinuxTag2005/projects.php3

   Exhibition plan for the Stadthalle: [2]PNG, [3]EPS, [4]PS.
   Exhibition plan for the Gartenhalle: [5]PNG, [6]EPS, [7]PS, [8]PDF (full).

   2. http://hydra.hq.linuxtag.net/~joey/LT2005/aufplanung-stadthalle.png
   3. http://hydra.hq.linuxtag.net/~joey/LT2005/aufplanung-stadthalle.eps
   4. http://hydra.hq.linuxtag.net/~joey/LT2005/aufplanung-stadthalle.ps
   5. http://hydra.hq.linuxtag.net/~joey/LT2005/aufplanung-gartenhalle.png
   6. http://hydra.hq.linuxtag.net/~joey/LT2005/aufplanung-gartenhalle.eps
   7. http://hydra.hq.linuxtag.net/~joey/LT2005/aufplanung-gartenhalle.ps
   8. http://hydra.hq.linuxtag.net/~ruth/Plan-LT/LinuxTag-Messeplan.pdf

2. Beverages Bar

   I've heard that some booths plan to hand visitors fluids of one
   kind or another. Please ensure that this doesn't turn your booth
   into a beverages bar. This would actually cause a lot of problems
   because there's a default caterer and that company is the only one
   that is allowed to sell beverages at the exhibition center. They
   will get angry and try legal tricks if they feel somebody is
   poaching in their territory.

   It is no problem to provide a cup of coffee or a glass of water to
   visitors inside the booth who are talking to you and stuff. Things
   just shouldn't take overhand.

3. Tables and high Desks

   Please note that we can only provide regular conference tables
   (130cm wide, 65cm deep and 75cm high) and conference chairs. We
   don't have any other furniture this year. The general rule is that
   a booth size of 9qm justifies two tables and four chairs. We are
   not sure if we manage to get more tables. So, if you need more
   tables and you are able to take some with you, please do so.

   In general it is possible to rent additional furniture but that
   will cost quite some money which could be saved otherwise. If you
   believe you need to do this, please get in touch with me.

4. AKK filled up

   Some of you may have noticed already that you cannot register for a
   sleeping space in the AKK anymore. This is because the AKK is
   already filled up. This means a total of 80 people for at least one
   night. This already implies jam like situations in the morning.
   There is still the outer side of the AKK, a tribune with a ceiling
   above. This has been used in past years as well and proved to
   provide fresh clean air as well. So, not everything is lost as long
   as not too many of you still need a place at the AKK site.

Best wishes,


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