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Re: CeBIT booth

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005, Thomas Templin wrote:

Skolelinux.de does this in an other way. Every cent of donation we
make at an event we use to pay the bills of our fellows. Which gives
This would be not the first good idea of the Skolelinux people but it
is definitely a good idea.

User mobilisation is a field which don't focus as much on the common
skills which are needed e.g. for being a good Debian developer. It's
more a matter of recruiting people with other skills but who will be
very helpful for promoting free software.
On the other hand I see myself as a *user* just having a debian.org
email address.  Some times visitors expect that you know the latest and
greatest bits of kernel configuration or X11 hardware support just
because you are running the Debian booth.  I'm definitely sure there
are a lot of "users" out there who have a much more detailed knowledge
about certain special fields than me.

This may become a problem for the future because more and more new
users of free software don't get involved in the free software
community. We can see more and more people which don't practise the
spirit of free software.
May be it is off-topic but I have to share the experience:

  When I reached the LinuxPark at CeBIT two people went behind me:
    She: Linux? Isn't that the other Windows.
    He: Yesss.

If we recognize this kind of opinions we can not expect that people
understand our "usual" arguing.

Under the aspect of community building we have the biggest Free
Software event in Europe, LinuxTag Karlsruhe, which will be a very
good place to become some kind of 'Free Software Woodstock'.
At least I hope so that it is able to keep this role.  I have to admit
that I was kind of shocked abot the fact that the entrance is not free
(as in beer) any more.

Kind regards



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