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Re: Debian at Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2005

On Tue, 8 Mar 2005, Adrian von Bidder wrote:

To highlight the fact that Debian is not a company, but a community project,
Alexander Schmehl and I had the idea of showing #debian-devel, #debian-bugs
and/or #debian on a beamer - draw the eyes of the crowd as they can see
right into the 'development lab' of Debian.
Good idea.
Moreover I'd like to point out that over the last year I tried hard to present
the special thing Debian in talks and I was told by the audience of several
talks that I did it more or less successful with the latest version of this.
So I invite you to have a look at


where you can find in the left menu a link to a PDF named

       "German talk as PDF"

and right below the link to

       "Similar English talk"

The first section about Debian (both are more or less identical translations
in this part) seem to be educational for beginners and even interesting
for Debian experts - so just have a look.  If you follow the link "Used technique"
you should find all information how to find the source.  Just tell me, if
you should have trouble in finding it - than I will have to enhance my

For the Chemnitz event: Yes I also liked it as every year even if I was there
only for a couple of hours and even missed some very interesting talks.

Kind regards



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