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Re: Great time at FOSDEM

On Mon, Feb 28, 2005 at 08:25:18PM +0100, No?l K?the wrote:
>Am Montag, den 28.02.2005, 15:10 +0000 schrieb Steve McIntyre:
>Hi Steve,
>> I must admit, I spent enough of the weekend tired, drunk etc. that I
>> don't remember who exactly was in charge of the Debian booth. :-) We
>> seem to have sold almost all of the T-shirts and stickers I brought
>Ahh, good that you write. I didn't know from whom these parts were.
>"Somesome from UK gave them us.";)


>> from the UK, which is excellent news. How much money did we make, and
>> who has it?
>Its 2042,96 ???.
>In detail (from the 2 sheets):
>100 keyrings (from J??rg Jaspert)
>6 polo shirts (afaik from you, Steve)


>51 white shirts (afaik from you, Steve)

Yes. I think I brought 56, and left a few spares with you.

>59 sticker (afaik from you, Steve)
>190 posters (from Debian itself)
>44 black shirts (from Andreas M??ller)

Hmmm. There should have been 11 black shirts from me too, the printed
ones similar in style to the white ones. I believe Andreas had the
embroidered black shirts.

>3 Enterprise licenses (1000 users) for FAI;)


>-> 365,96 ??? pure donotation.
>J??rg and Andreas get the money of "their" stuff back from me and they
>transfer the donotaion to Debian themself (they payed the costs of the
>The rest (donotation + income from posters) will be transferd to
>Joey/FFIS (http://www.ffis.de/) who has the Debian money in germany.
>What to with the money form your shirts and sticker (white shirts
>510,-???, polo shirts 120,-???, sticker 177,-??? = 807,-???)?
>a) transfer everything back to you?
>b) transfer your costs to you and the rest to FFIS?
>c) something else.;)

I'd like to get some of the money back into the UK Debian account, as
that's what paid for the shirts and stickers. I'm not very bothered
about the exact amount, so keep the spare white shirts and whatever
money was made from selling the black shirts. For the sake of an easy
number, give me EUR 800 I guess. does that sound reasonable? It's all
Debian money in the end.

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
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