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Re: CfH: Chemnitzer LinuxTag


Sorry for my late reply. Before offering my help I wanted to be sure
to have enough time for the job.

On Tue, Feb 01, 2005 at 04:44:46AM +0100, Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> [ CfH == "Call for Help" ]
> Good Morning!
> Now it's offical:  I need a secretary helping coordinating all those
> events and dates.
> Since I produced another conflict in my schedule.
> Allthough I planned to coordinate our booth at this years Chemnitzer
> LinuxTag [1], I won't be able to arrive there before saturday evening
> (and even then with a HUGE jetlag).  So I'm looking for a vounteer as
> main coordinator for this event (Noel? Amu? Andreas? Nico? Madkiss?).
> Anyone?
> What needs to be done?
>  - send the organizers input for a poster they want to design for
>    details please see [2]
>    Deadline:  12th of february
>  - create an entry for our events page [3]
>    (That's an easy job, I think I'll do that tomorow)
>  - coordinate with our hardware guy to get some computers to Chemnitz
>    (I asked for enough power and space for three computers and some
>    notebooks, there will be net connection)
>  - coordinate with me to get a beamer to there
>    (One of our LUG is travelling to there, so this point might be very
>    easy)
>  - coordinate with Credative for flyers, posters, DVDs
>    (Hey, that might be very easy, if the coordinator is a credative ;)
>  - coordinate with Jörg Jaspert for keychains / lanyards
>  - be there on friday and built up the booth
>  - be contact person for the organizers

I probably will not have a lot of time before the event to organize
all the stuff but I will be at Chemnitz on Friday evening (around
18h) so I can build up the booth. I would be glad though if I
wouldn't be alone with that. Starting from that time I can be
the local contact person for the organizers when this is necessary. 

Perhaps I can coordinate with Martin that he helps to prepare all
the relevant stuff before the event so that I can take over on
Friday, 4.3.

>  - take care about booth shifts (was very easy last year, don't think we
>    need a strict schedule)
>  - have fun (that is an very important point)

This will not be too difficult ;-)

Many greetings,


Intevation GmbH

Georgstrasse 4                    49074 Osnabrück, Germany
http://intevation.de              http://intevation.de/~silke
FreeGIS.org                       http://freegis.org/

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