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Re: linuxtag chemnitz

On Fri, 24 Dec 2004, Alexander Schmehl wrote:

I just proposed two talks.  My "News in Debian Sarge" talk (hopefully we
have released till then, and hopefully I get a 90 minutes talk, every
time I do this talk, I need more time...),
Well, if Sarge would be released until then you could cut it a bit and
just hand out CDs while saying: Just look. :)

and a new "Howto help the
Debian project" talk.  Since we are regulary hear something like "I'm no
programmer, what can I do?" I thought it might be a nice idea, to do a
talk and tell people how easy it is, to send a good bug report, to
translate some texts, or to write documentation, when there is none.
Good idea.

PS:  Did the Bahn changed something with the Trans from and to Chemnitz?
Last time it was a PITA to travell back from there to Frankfurt - needed
to catch a train at 17:30 to get here in Frankfurt the last possible
I really trust the Bahn that nothing will be change.  It is good to know
that something does never change in our times. ;-)

Have a nice Christmas



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