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Re: linuxtag chemnitz - 5.+6.march 2005 - only 11 weeks to go!

* Alexander Schmehl <alexander@schmehl.info> [2004-12-13 20:51]:
> * Nico Golde <nico@ngolde.de> [041213 11:59]:
> > if noone else would do it, i will register the
> > debian booth at the chemnitzer linuxtag website.
> Already done.  Anything else we need to do right now?
> Okay, let's calm down a bit, it's still 3 Month to go.

no - it's about *time* to get things ready for chemnitz!

actually, the folks in chemnitz had started their work in summer,
creating new web pages - see  http://chemnitzer.linux-tage.de/
and the call of papers has been out for some time
now and will end in three weeks on january 7th.

by the way - please register yourself on the MFG (MitFahrGelegenheit ~
opportunies for hitchin' a ride to the event) page so everybody
knows about it and hopefully you can then team up with someone.

i'd welcome if the event could be announced via www.debian.org
so folks will learn about the biggest non-commercial event in germany on
free operating systems and free software.  i have been there the last four
years and each time i was surprised about the really good organisation. :-)

i have received postcards and posters from them already
so i can put them up to notify people.  in case you'd
like to promote the event, too, then simply send them
a mail and they will send you postcards+posters, too.

hopefully, people from neighboring countries such as poland,
czech republic, austria, switzerland will be there, too.
not all, but some talks should be in english, too.  and you
can add some more talks, too, so answer that call for papers!

and if you can get a good connection to berlin then you
can join our transfer bus for only 15euros (both ways).
for some more info take a look at my page

don't miss it!
see you there! :-)


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LinuxBus zum LinuxTag  Chemnitz  Rueckfahrt: So 6.Maerz 18:00 C - Orangerie
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