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Back from the roadshow: Some news

Good morning!

Some news what we accomplished during the last conferences here in
germany (a more detailed report will follow, I'm still a bit exhausted):

about LinuxWorld Expo 2004 Frankfurt:
  - as usual you could recognize our booth simply it was the most
    crowded one
  - we answered many questions, showed visitors many tricks, and sold
    some merchandising stuff
  - although my .Org-Session was at 6pm, nearly 30 people attended my
    talk about sarge (while I expected less than 10 at this late hour)
  - we made some nice and funny pictures
  - one of our subprojects / custom Debian distribution one a price:
    Debian-Edu / Skolelinux one the Linux New Media award 2005 as best
    newcomer distribution

about LinuxWorld Expo 2005:
  - We will get a bigger booth (perhaps 15 squaremeters)
  - organization of the .Org pavillion (where the free projects are)
    will be done in cooperation with Thomas Templin from the FSF Europe
    and (sigh) me
  - next year it will be from 15th to 17th of November

about CeBIT 2005:
  - We will have a bigger booth (8-12 square meter, perhaps more)
    - it will be our very own booth; in the last years we were guests at
      the booth of LinuxLand
    - again we will be in the LinuxPark, but not very near to the
      LinuxForum, where the talks will be held
  - we had a nice idea about give away DVDs; it's to early to tell
    details, but if everything works out, as we hope, we will have a
    DVD, outshining this years LinuxTag DVD
  - we already got some offers for hardware to show at CeBIT
  - we might get quite cheap accomodations
  - since we are not allowed to sell merchandising, Hannover is a quite
    expensive place during CeBIT, and AFAIK we are not
    allowed to collect donations, we might need to finance a bit through
    FFIS, but it's still to early to think about details
  - Since our booth will be bigger, we'll need more people to man it.
    We are currently thinking about 2-4 people, probably Jörg Jaspert and
    me during the entire show, and other volunteers for the last days

Yours sincerely,
  Alexander "call me C.E.O." Schmehl

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