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new Debian flyer (was: Re: Debian booth at the Free Software Bazaar)

On Wed, Aug 25, 2004 at 12:16:33AM +0200, Jama Poulsen wrote:
> * Joost is working on updating the Debian flyer file, so he
>   probably wants some feedback on the result from different people.
>   Contact him for the details.

My work is available from http://mdcc.cx/~joostvb/flyer/ .  I've changed
the work on
:pserver:anonymous@cvs.infodrom.org:/var/cvs/debian/goodies/flyers (
http://www.nl.debian.org/events/materials/flyers/general/ ) in various
ways:  I felt the original flyer told why Debian Developers like Debian,
and not why newbie's might like Debian.  It had lots of text about the
Debian community, and less text about what a Debian system is like.
I've done some webbrowsing and read some "Why Debian Rocks"-like
webpages.  I've included the reasons people mention on these pages, and
skipped some stuff which is more likely convincing developers, but not
end users.  (I know: the line is vague... :)

BTW: only english and dutch are updated.  This means my new folder has
no dansk.tex deutsch.tex francaise.tex italiano.tex portugues.tex
svenska.tex yet.  Translations are welcome.

Please tell me wether you like the result.  Patches are welcome.  If
there are not big objections made within reasonable time, I'll bring the
.ps to a printer and present the flyers on the SANE Free Software
Bazaar, September 29.



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