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Hi all,

Arnaud Vandyk, in his capacity of FOSDEM co-organizer (rather than
Debian Developer), just sent a mail to the organizers of all projects
who had a DevRoom on the last FOSDEM, asking whether they'd like one on
the next occasion as well.

I'd say we do. Do we?

If we do, though, I'd like to start organizing that DevRoom a bit
earlier on than last year; it came all in a bit of a hurry to me back
then, I'd like to avoid that now if possible. Not that I want the
schedule right now, but the FOSDEM guys did ask us to give them a
speaker's schedule about 2 months beforehand, so that they could list
our schedule in a folder they wanted to hand out to visitors. 2 Months
before the end of February (which seems to be the planned date as of
now) would mean near the end of December, which sounds reasonable enough
to me (it'd mean I could deal with other issues than 'will I be able to
fill the schedule on time?' for those last two months). So, don't be
surprised if you see a Call For Papers within, say, a month or so ;-)

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