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Re: Debian booth at Linux Kongress 2004 in Erlangen

Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> * Norbert Tretkowski <tretkowski@inittab.de> [040826 16:40]:
> > > > Will there be a booth at the LK 2004 in Erlangen? I will be there
> > > > and can help.
> > There was a Debian booth, at least last year.
> Ah, now that I see you, I got an idea:
> If we get a booth, could you offer or recommend accommodation (or am I
> geographically so wrong it you don't live near Erlangen?)

We are invited to man a booth in the (not announced, though) exhibition area
of the upcoming Linux Kongress in Erlangen.  Booth staff will be able to
enter the exhibition area free of additional cost at least.



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