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Re: Sponsoringanfrage Lan2Come

* Alexander Schmehl <alexander@schmehl.info> [040827 02:42]:

[ german stuff deleted ]

Sorry for my german answer, I thought I wrote to him private not to the

However, here is a small summary:

I told him, that we are a project, and therefore don't have any Linux
Boxes or something we could send him, but we might send him some of our
LinuxTag DVDs.  I told him, that we got them by sponsors, too, that we
don't have much of them, and we only like to give them away, if we are
sure, that it reaches Linux interessted people, asking him, if it's the
case on a LAN-Party. Further I told him about companies, selling Debian
boxes, who might sponsor them, and that they are of course free to
advertise for our project ;-)

Yours sincerely,

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