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Thank you for your SpartaCom support request

Thank you for your email support request.

Our support team will respond with the recommended solution in the quickest
time possible, but may be delayed due to the complexity of the problem or
volume of requests for support. 

Once we have replied to your initial question, please be sure to use your
e-mail's "Reply" feature to respond to Technical Support e-mails. By doing
so, we keep the information from previous messages, which will assist the
Technicians in resolving your problem in a timely manner. 

If this email is concerning WebDemo or WebInteractive you can call support
at 800-200-2766 or you can go to the Live Support link located on the
support page of www.linktivity.com. Please be at the machine that is having
the problem. If this is a new install then connect from the server. 

If this email concerns serial numbers or verification keys the matter needs
to be handled by our Customer Service Department. To expedite your request,
please call them at 800-846-9726, as Technical Support does not respond to
these requests. If you are an International Customer the request will be
forwarded to our International Sales Representative to handle. 

Many answers can be found be searching our support site for Technical Notes,
Bulletins, and FAQs. 

<http://www.converging-technologies.com/ask.nsf/$$Search> - Search Technical

<http://www.converging-technologies.com/tsfaq.nsf> - Search Bulletins, FAQs
and more

Thank you.

Linktivity Technical Support

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