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Re: Link exchange

* Mark <mark@krakow-hotels.net> [2004-07-28 18:33]:
> We offer accommodation services and I thought you might be interested in
> link exchange. We provide several travel-related sites, one of them is

 That's really nice.  You want to sponsor the Debian project with
cheap/free of charge hotel rooms for Debian Developers at events?  Cool
idea!  Where exactly are these accomodations located?  How many can you
offer?  Do you think of special events that happen near your offers in
the future, or is this just a general offer?

 So long,
>ich habe schon einige Firewalls ausprobiert (Zonealarm, Norton und Jana) aber
>die Tiny gefällt mir am besten.  Nun meine Frage: was ist TCP und UDP und ICMP?
Uebernimmt die Hausratversicherung Bissmarken in der Tastatur?
  -- de.comp.security.firewall, <slrna084jl.ob9.sjaenick@azathoth.jaenicke.org>

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