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Debian 11th birthday party - close to Berlin / Szczecin

Hi there,

according to urban myth ;-) Debian turns eleven years old on august, 16th! 

I would like to invite everyone somehow involved in Debian or curious about it 
to celebrate on Castle Hohenholz, a castle 100km north of Berlin and 30km far 
away from Szczecin (Stettin). There also will be a drum&bass/regga music 
festival at that place from 12th till the 16th... you can take a look at 
http://www.sonnenschloss-festival.de (unfortunatly german only) . 

Wavelan and a small uplink will be available. In future it would/will also be 
possible to host some small debconfs / bugsquash parties / whatever there.

If you're planing to join the party please drop me an email so i can send you 
an "official" invitation so you don't have to pay 10-20 euros entrance fee...


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