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Re: Berlinux 2004

Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> Moin!
> For our non-german speaking friends: Nico asked, if Debian would like to
> have a booth on the Berlinux, which will be 22nd to 23rd of october.
> I answered him "Yes!".
> Wow, that will be an interesting month:
> 22nd to 23rd Berlinux, Frankfurt
> 26th to 28th LinuxWorldExpo, Frankfurt
> 30th         LinuxInfoTage, Dresden
> IIRC the Linux User Groups in Wilhelmshaven (?) and Giessen are planning
> events for the end of october, too. 

Ignore the WHV event.  It's way too small and the LUG only has a
booth which they already need on their own.



If you come from outside of Finland, you live in wrong country.
	-- motd of irc.funet.fi

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