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Re: Hardware (DEC AlphaStation 200 4/133)

Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Roland Rosenfeld <roland@spinnaker.de> writes:
> > Some time ago I offered to bring my good old Digital AlphaStation 200
> > 4/133 (Alpha with single 133 MHz CPU, 128MB RAM, quite slow nowadays)
> > with me to the LinuxTag (including a 17" CRT).
> > What about the space at the booth?  Does it make sense to bring this
> > antique machine with me (like the last years) or should I keep it at
> > home?
> Hrm. Depends if its hard to get it to Karlsruhe or not.
> I cant guarantee that we have enough place, we know that after we
> assembled the booth. If we have place we will use it, if not then not...

If this is a problem, it's always a good idea to talk to the people
from Linux Porting who are, quite naturally, mostly running Debian on
their non-x86 machines.  That way the Debian booth could concentrate
on the strength of Debian an the porting booth could concentrate on
running GNU/Linux (i.e. Debian) on all kinds of machines.

> bye Joerg
> <mechanix> anyone from the MIA team around? tbm?
> <Ganneff> sounds nice. how long do you have to be MIA to get into that team? :)
> <mhp> you need to have a pgp key, I suppose. and no gpg one, and only a bo box

Ugh... I seem to recall that I discovered a bo box last year...
(converted to something else after discovery iirc)



MIME - broken solution for a broken design.  -- Ralf Baechle

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