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Re: critics about our presence at LinuxTag 2004

Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> Okay, so I request LinuxTag to organize a girlfriend for every geek
> before LinuxTag starts. This way they don't need to.. well... This way
> they might don't need to ... well... at least in this way, they will get
> slapped in their face by their girlfriend, if they stare at other women
> breasts.

This would probably solve a whole bunch of problems, but I don't think
we could bear the load you try to place on us (LinuxTag organisers).

> Was there a problem with vegetarian food? AFAIK only on one day XSnack
> missed some semmeln, so I bought gim some new.

If you're about to die of starvation, meet me in the LinuxTag office,
I may have a chance to arrange something.

> <personal note>
> Last year I have lost three eddings, this year my first edding got away
> before high noon on the first day.

Looks like it suffered the same desease as my ball-pens.  I lost three
of four of them, one even carries my name printed on it, and I found
one later as well.

> I don't know, while the CD marker of other people always survive events,
> while my eddings get lost. This interesting phenomen is not limited to
> LinuxTag.

It may be limited to certain people?  I've heard other people from
LinuxTag were able to use the same ball-pen from day-zero to the last
day of LinuxTag.  *sigh*



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