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Re: critics about our presence at LinuxTag 2004

Jürgen A. Erhard <jae+debian@jerhard.org> writes:

> Like, why is it considered bad if people are seen hacking in the
> booth?

Because there is no place. If you dont deny this then every DD or
wannabe-DD visiting LT may sit down there, talk to others, hack.
We dont have the place for this. Thats all. Nothing against hacking,
just the space isnt there. Or better - it should be used to present
things/fix things from visitors, etc.

> And yes, if it's crowded, it's crowded.  Usually, that's a sign of a popular
> booth.  And 99% of *visitors* will take it that way.  (To be clear: it's a
> positive sign).

It should be crowded with visitors (it usually is. Go to an event,
search for the booth with most of the people, mostly it has a "Debian"
sign if Debian is there).

>> Better solution: Get some female booth stuff next year.
> s/stuff/staff/, right?  ;-)

They arent stuff? :)

bye Joerg
<DarkRider> also dies ist so ziemlich der einzige chanel wo ich meist 0 peile
<DarkRider> ich schreibe etwas dann rennen se alle gegen die wand und schreien aua

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