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Re: critics about our presence at LinuxTag 2004

Alexander Schmehl <alexander@schmehl.info> writes:

> - Booth people didn't note down when they sold something or collected
>   donations, which made the final bill really hard

This is a problem if you want correct data of what money went to which
area and where we get all this donations from.
We need to think about a better way for it. :)

> Possible solution 2: Kick somebodies ass and make a daily inventory
>   (NO! Please don't force us to do this! People get hungry in the
>   evening!)

They can wait a few minutes more and then eat wit a bit more
appetite. :)

> - The staff from the subprojects were not at the booth all the
>   time (but it was much much better than last year), leaving the "normal"
>   Debian staff with questions they couldn't answer.
> Possible solution: If you leave your subprojects booth, leave
>   a) you cellphone number, so we can phone you back
>   b) leave a big note, telling everyone (visitors included) when you
>      will be back

Yes, the last one is good, suggested from one guy at the booth, dont
remember who it was.
It isnt possible to staff the booth if you only have a one-man show
for the whole day. Its hard if you are only two (but you can be there
for much more time). Looks like 3 is a good count for a "subproject",
but maybe hard to get.
So yes, a time where you are guaranteed to be at the booth again should
be required if you leave, so one can point visitors to such a sign.
Everyone who is really intrested comes back then.

> - The showcase, where visitors could see every piece of merchandising

Which is now ours.
For the rest of the people here not knowing what we mean:


(I havent found a picture yet where the light is turned on.)

It is now owned by Debian (paid from the Donations we got, the owner
made a special price for us) and can be sent to all events in Germany
or near too Germany, ask me if you want it.
Because it is not easy to assemble/disassemble it should only be used
for events which last at least two days, it isnt worth the work for
smaller events.

> - There were always people around when you had work to do, and people
>   did the work assigned to them. All in all the booth worked quite well! 
>   Thank you.

Yes, that was great. Whenever I asked to do $RANDOM_STUFF I found people
doing it, and i had a really HUGE amount of $RANDOM_STUFF to delegate.
Thats one of the main things you need for such a booth - people doing
the work.
Thanks to all people doing the work we had.

> This list is short so I think I should point out, that I really liked
> our booth and how fine everything worked out! Thanks for your help,
> thanks for your time, thanks for your work!

Seconded. :)

bye Joerg
<Ganneff> kde und tastatur? passt doch nicht mit dem nutzerprofil
	"windepp" zusammen :)

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