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LinuxTag2004 - DVD Image


Yes, there will be a DVD for the LT, even if this announcement is a bit
We will have a DVD that can boot both, i386 and powerpc machines.
Its based on the image Gaudenz mentioned here a while ago.

So we have about 2.3Gb for each architecture on the DVD, and some extra
stuff like Documentation and FAQs.
We already updated the README.Linuxtag Files, added translations,
re-worked debian.html and added some other documentation to it. You can
find the files we add to the Image at http://ganneff.de/ltadd - please
check them for errors/enhancements/whatever.

If you want to change something sent diffs for it.

Latest Date for changes is 06. Juni, ie end of this week. On Sunday
evening I will built the final Image so we get the result in time for
the LT.

At http://ganneff.de/1.packages.i386 is a list of packages for the i386
part of the DVD, substitute i386 with powerpc if you want to see the
list for this architecture. Should be the same for most of the file,
only some $arch-specific thing should change.
At the moment we have about 600MB of free space, if you want to add

We try to support multiple languages with this DVD. Last years CD's had
a space problem and so only delivered english and german. We dont have
that much of a problem, so we added some other languages.
I know of german, english and french for IIRC all (more or less)
important things, and that we have spanish, italian, turkish, hungary
and netherlands support in some parts, for example in OpenOffice or
parts of it in KDE.
If you want to add languages: It should be one that may be spoken by
(enough, not just one or two :) ) people visiting the LT.

Today you cant download the image, as it isnt as good as I want it to
be. (And I dont have a fast enough Upstream to offer a DVD Image).
As soon as it is good enough I arrange something to get it online
behind a somewhat bigger link.
But well, we use d-i, which is tested a lot, so I hope there isnt a big
bug in this image (that isnt in d-i too). :)

bye Joerg
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