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schedule for DebianDay at LinuxTag

Good morning,

I propose the following schedule for the DebianDay at LinuxTag 2004:

10:00 Daniel Kasten and Hauke Goos-Habermann
	Softwareverteilungssystem m23

11:00 Andreas Tille
	Custum Debian Distribution reloaded,
	including Mastering Live-CDs

12:00 Michael Banck
	Debian GNU/Hurd

13:00 Thomas Lange
	Voll automatische Linux Installation mit FAI

14:00 Gaudenz Steinlein
	Debian-Installer Internals

15:00 Alexander Schmehl
	»to infitity, and beyond!« about features Sarge will have and
	problems it still has

16:00 Jonathon Oxer
	Linux Kernel, the Debian way

17:00 Jörg Jaspert
	Einführung in das bauen von Debian-Paketen

17:30 Daniel E. Atencio Psille
	Building your own Repository Infrastructure

Daily at 11am, 2pm and 5pm at our booth:
	commented Debian installation

  - speakers: Please send a abstractum soon, if possible including a
    link to your foils / paper / whatever
  - Joey: Please add them to infodrom
  - all: AFAIK Joey is still looking for beamers and screens (=leinwand)
  - booth personal: To we need to point someone out for the daily
    installation shows, or may we hope, that everyone at the debian
    booth can to such an instalaltion and tell visitors, what he is
    doing? (Well, I assume in most cases this will be done by Jörg or me
    anyway ;)

Yours sincerely,

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