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Re: Covers Pt. II

Lennart Droste <Lennart.Droste@recht.uni-giessen.de> writes:

> You can find the three graphiks at:
> Front: http://lennart.droste.eu.org/debian/2004_cover_fahrkarte_vorne.jpg
> Back: http://lennart.droste.eu.org/debian/2004_cover_fahrkarte_rueck.jpg
> Label: http://lennart.droste.eu.org/debian/2004_debian_cd_beschriftung.jpg

On the backcover ignore the "Legaldefinition" Texts. We are just not
fully sure whats best there. Some small Install-Documentation of
course, but the real text isnt decided, so this is a placeholder
only. :)

bye Joerg
<mechanix> anyone from the MIA team around? tbm?
<Ganneff> sounds nice. how long do you have to be MIA to get into that team? :)
<mhp> you need to have a pgp key, I suppose. and no gpg one, and only a bo box
<Np237> yes, but it must be expired

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