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[LT Infomail#3] Booth Plans, Lifts, Insurrance, Posters - Debian

[ available in a couple of hours ]

1. Booth Plans

   I will have to calculate the size, type and location for your booth
   soon. In order to be fair to all projects and get the best out of
   the limited amount of space, please mention as much booth plans as
   you can as []comments.  Please write down what you plan to
   demonstrate, how you plan to demonstrate it (i.e. with how many
   machines, posters, additional equipment etc.) and what space this
   will probably take.

    1. http://www.infodrom.org/LinuxTag/

2. Organisation of Lifts

   Since I've seen questions from people looking for a lift to/from
   LinuxTag with or without computer cargo, I guess that I should
   provide information about the organisation of shared lifts. Some
   people are even going to Karlsruhe daily (they live less than 100km
   near by). If you are looking for others to carry with you or if you
   are looking for somebody who can give you and your equipment a
   lift, it may be worth looking at and writing to the
   [2]FahrGemeinschaften Wiki page.

    2. http://linuxwiki.de/LinuxTag2004/FahrGemeinschaften

3. Insurrance

   LinuxTag e.V. will not apply for an additional insurance to cover
   all projects and their equipment. Therefore, you should be very
   careful with the equipment you are going to use. If breaks, it's

   You should not leave worthy small parts at the booth when it is not
   staffed (i.e. during the evening and morning).

4. Posters and Flyers

   We would like to advertise LinuxTag as much as we can and hence use
   flyers and posters as much as possible. Therefore we would like to
   ask you whether you are able to decorate walls at your university,
   schools, computer stores etc. in your near environment.

   If you would like to help us advertise LinuxTag, please drop me a
   line with the number of flyers and posters you think that you could
   use and I'll get them sent to you. It's best to ask in your local
   user group as well, so that more people can advertise LinuxTag, the
   largest Free Software Fest.  Please don't forget to add a mailing
   address as well.

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