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LinuxTag 2004: Poloshirts


(This mail is BCCed to a lot of people, just to be sure they get it. I
dont know if everyone who is in the "Members List" (see below) reads
this list, so I BCCed them. Except a few where Im sure they are on the

Ok, I need to order the Poloshirts in the next days to be sure we have
them in time.
For that I need to know how much exactly from which size. Looking at
the money you can choose between 1 and 2 for you. (I simply counted the
people that have an entry at http://www.infodrom.org/LinuxTag/ for
About the logo: As I read it the most preferred one is
http://lennart.droste.eu.org/debian/debian_wappen_logo_ohnetext.jpg at
the moment. If you prefer another one write that too and I take the one
that got the most votes.

You can choose between S,M,L,XL and XXL.

bye Joerg
"Gna, schon wieder Seti [...] Dabei ist es schon schwierig genug, auf
*diesem* Planeten intelligentes Leben zu finden."
[Charly Kuehnast in dasr]

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