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[LT Infomail#1] Welcome, Descriptions, Sleeping, Workshops, Beamer, Deliveries - Debian

[ available in a couple of hours ]

1. LinuxTag 2004 is starting soon...

   Welcome everybody! In less than two months the show is over
   already, which means that there's a lot of work to do during the
   following weeks if we want to produce a successful event this year
   again. Organisation started early this year, but only now I'm
   sending out the first general letter.

   If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.
   However, if possible I will point to the FAQ which should already
   contain most of the information you'll need. You'll find additional
   information at <http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/LinuxTag2004/>.
   Don't worry about the Debian part, this directory is just a
   collection for both general and Debian related organisation.

2. Descriptions and Logos

   In the projects frontend at <http://www.infodrom.org/LinuxTag/>,
   you are able to edit the description for your project, both in
   English and German. I'll need to finalise the work for this years'
   exhibition journal soon. Therefore, please ensure that the
   description for your project is appropriate. The description will
   also be visible at the list of [1]projects.

   1. http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/LinuxTag2004/projects.php3

   Each project should also submit a logo for the project. I have
   logos for most projects already. If you are unsure, please send me
   a high-resolution logo, rendered against a white background (if
   any) in a lossless format (i.e. no JPEG). PS, TIFF and PNG are fine

3. Sleeping Space in the Gym Hall

   I am happy that this year again it is possible to stay at the "gym
   hall" named AKK with other project members during the nights if you
   don't want to go into a hotel. Please mark your entry in the
   projects interface if you want to stay there, so that we can
   calculate. Please use AKK for the name of the sleeping place if you
   want to stay there. Any other names will be discarded with regards
   to the AKK, so you can use them for your own organisation if you
   like. Breakfast at the AKK will probably cost EUR 3.00 per day.
   Last year there was wireless and terrestrial Internet access
   provided as well.

4. Workshops

   Just like last year we have the opportunity to use two workshop
   rooms that offer space for about 50 people (seats, and some 20 more
   without chairs). If you want to give a talk or organise a Birds of
   a Feather session, just drop me a line and I'll reserve the room
   for you.

   We can only use the rooms from Thursday to Saturday, so Wednesday
   is out of question, unfortunately. Currently there are still many
   open slots, so you should be able to find a free one for your
   project at least. However, since the slots are assigned on a
   first-come-first-served basis you'd better not be too late. Please
   see the FAQ [2]item as well.

   2. http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/LinuxTag2004/faq.html#talk

5. Beamer

   At the moment, these rooms don't have a beamer yet and I don't want
   to rent them for load of money. I'd rather like to spend this money
   on booth-space for you. Hence, I'm in need of two beamers for these

   If you should be able to bring one with you, please let me know.
   There'll be one LinuxTag supporter in the same room when the beamer
   is in use, so that it doesn't get lost.

6. Deliveries

   It is possible to send packaged stuff to LinuxTag independent of
   your own arrival. However, the exhibition is large and if there's
   nobody knowing about the packages, it cannot be guaranteed that
   they will arrive at the proper booth. Therefore, please only use
   the address given [3]here and please inform Joey about that you
   expect something. Hence, please tell him who sends it, who should
   receive the stuff and the content if possible. Joey will act as
   dispatcher anyway, but can only accept and dispatch stuff he knows
   about. If you can add a contact person, add "Herr Schulze". If you
   can add a phone number for the recipient, please add 0631-3109371,
   which will be routed to Joeys office in Karlsruhe.

   3. http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/LinuxTag2004/faq.html#stuff

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