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how good are the plans for this?  Are there enough people who would
like to build and staff the booth?  Who will act as Debian organiser?
According to my calendar, SANE will take place at Sep 27-Oct 1 in



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To: Debian events <events@debian.org>
Subject: Free Software Bazaar
From: Bram Moolenaar <Bram@moolenaar.net>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 21:57:08 +0200

During the upcoming SANE conference in Amsterdam we have reserved an
evening for a Free Software Bazaar.  We invite many people to
participate in this gathering of Free and Open Source software groups.

The name "Bazaar" obviously originates from Eric Raymond's article: A
place where software developers gather.  A good opportunity to meet
people, discuss and share ideas.

It would be very good if a number of Debian members can show a few
things about Debian.  Perhaps also a good occasion to meet with people
from your own group and users.

The Bazaar takes place on Wednesday evening, September 29th.
Richard M. Stallman will do a presentation before the Bazaar.
Entrance is free! (*)

What is possible at the Bazaar:
- Man a booth (a table and billboard) and show what Debian is all about.
  Give a demo on a laptop.  There will be wireless network access.
  Sales of T-shirts, posters, etc. is possible, but no commercial
- Organise a BOF or lightning talks session.  We have two rooms
- Feel free to come up with other ideas.

Please let me know ASAP whether Debian would like to join the Bazaar and
what we can reserve for you.  We have limited space and we would like to
mention in publications what groups will be present.

More information on the SANE website: www.sane.nl

- Bram

(*) If we succeed in finding a sponsor....

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