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CDD-corner again


I've got no answer whether you like the idea to make a Custom Debian
Distribution corner featuring Debian-Med (perhaps Debian-Edu = Skolelinux -
there was no answer yet even if explicitely asked).  I'd suggest one
table for Debian-Med where I would volunteer to be "often" = if'm not
holding a talk myself or sit in a talk which would be *very* interesting
for me.  So I estimate I will be about 66.6% of the time available at this
table.  I plan to prepare a CDD-Flyer in the very same style as the
General Debian Flyer which might be handed out there.  I'm not sure
whether I will prepare a special Debian-Med Flyer.

Please comment on it (even comments whether I'm to self-centric are

Kind regards


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