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Re: Linuxtag: Boothwear / Catering

Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> > T-Shirt or, what i prefer, some sort of polo shirt. It might be good to
> > "mark" this shirts with some sort of "Debian Staff" writing on them,
> > otherwise booth people wouldn't differ from normal Debian guys.
> Looks like Polo Shirts are preferred. Now we need something to put on
> them.
> One Suggestion is a Swirl on the front, nothing else. I would prefer
> something on the back too. A motiv not everyone has there, and a single
> swirl is widely used IMO. :)

I'm not sure, but for a wider use it may be more useful to add the
"Debian" text to the shirt and not the plain swirl.  Maybe swirl +



Have you ever noticed that "General Public Licence" contains the word "Pub"?

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