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Exhibition of Linux, Mandrake, Finland

In early July I shall be organising an exhibition of Linux, Open Source and Finland at my school (Maru a Pula School) in Botswana.  It is a private, though totally non-profit, secondary school in Gaborone Botswana.  Many students are sponsored wholly or partially by the school and the school is well respected. The exhibition has been approved by the principal of the school.
As I do live in Africa, with poor internet access speeds it is not very economical nor efficient for me to attempt downloading such large files as the occasion would demand.  Even if you do not wish to send me Debian itself such things as flyers, poster etc. would be appreciated greatly.
As I would want to showcase Linux as widely as possible any contribution that you and your company could make towards this event would be much appreciated.
I have sent this email to both European and North American Events addresses as I was not sure which would apply to Africa.  If this is the wrong address please either forward this mail to the appropriate address or supply me with it.  Thank You
Thank You
Matias Korhonen

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