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Re: Debian Day at Linuxtag 2004

* Joerg Jaspert <linuxtag@ganneff.de> [040407 23:37]:

> If we want to have a Debian Day this year we need to have a plan of it
> real soon now. So if you want one: Come up with talks you want to held,
> how long you need, etc. :)

Citing 20040222104308.GA2052@esgaroth.schmehl.info to this list:

- "A brief history of <s>time</s> Debian-Tools", some kind of moderated
  birth of the feather session about all those nice tools, scripts and
  webpages in our universe
  (apt-file, apt-src, apt-build, reportbug, PTS, BTS, etc.)

- "There's something about <s>Mary</s> Kernels", a litle bit wider than
  the make-kpkg talk last year. As I see it in the user lists and irc,
  there are quite some people out there, who like to compile their own
  kernel (for whatever reason), who don't know how to do it.  That talk
  wouldn't be a longer version of the make-kpkg manpage, but a partly
  longer explanation of some thing (Don't forget disc and filesystem
  drivers, etc)

Wouldn't it be a good Idea to write a small mail to debian-user-german,
and ask, what our users like to hear, and try to find a volunteer for
that topic?

Yours sincerely,

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