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Bug squashing and d-i hacking in Munich, April 17/18th

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In parallel to the next Debian-wide IRC BSP[1], a real-life hacking
meeting will take place in Munich on the weekend of April 17/18th. 


The focus of the event is twofold and matches the current requirements
for a Sarge release:

1) During the Bug-Squashing Party, as many release critical bugs as
possible shall be closed.

The BSP coordinator Frank Lichtenheld will be attending the meeting, as
well as (probably) Debian QA member Andreas Barth.

2) Work to get the debian-installer closer to being ready for Sarge will
be carried out.

Currently, the planned focus of the debian-installer work is the PowerPC
port, as a lot of hardware is available on-site and the powerpc d-i
kernel maintainers Jens Schmalzing and (probably) Sven Luther will
attend. Also, getting d-i working on Linux-2.6 is considered to be
important and will probably be tackled as well.


In addition to the local Debian crowd, we invite other Debian people
from south germany or northern austria to join us in Munich. So far,
Norbert Tretkowski, Frank Lichtenheld and Sven Luther are planning to
come. Please let us know if you want to attend the meeting, so we can
plan ahead a bit. If you want to come but are not able to cover your
travel expenses, mail mbanck@debian.org and we will see what we can do. 

We explicitly encourage d-i hackers and QA people to consider joining


The meeting will take place at the faculty of mathematics at the
Ludwigs-Maximilians-University, Munich. The building is located in
Theresienstrasse 39 in the very center of Munich, about 10 minutes by
foot (or one subway station) from the central station.

How to get there:

By car: Finding a parking spot is not easy in the city center, so
beware. The location is next to the Old Pinakoteque and the Pinakoteque
of Modern Arts, slightly north of the central station and the

By Train: After arriving at the central station, either take the U2
(direction Feldmoching), exit at 'Theresienstrasse' (two stops) and
follow the signs to the Pinakoteques/'Museum Reich der Kristalle' (the
meeting is in the same building as the latter) or just turn left when
leaving the central station through the main entrance and walk along
Luisenstrasse and turn right into Theresienstrasse after about 500 m.

We will put up sign guiding to the exact location of the meeting inside
of the building.


People from outside of Munich are invited to sleep at Michael Banck's
place, which is one block away from the location of the meeting. There
should be enough place for everybody who wants to come, but you should
bring sleeping bags or bedrolls with you, as no beds are avaiable there.
However, a shower and toilets are present of course.


Network connection is excellent. Further, the full ftp.debian.org mirror
ftp.leo.org is inside of the "Münchner Wissenschaftsnetz". WLAN will
probably be available, too, but this is still being worked on.

For people without their own hardware, computers will be available for
them to hack on for the time of the meeting.


Thanks to Jens Schmalzing for providing the location of the meeting and
to the DPL for making sure Sven and Frank (so far) are able to attend.

hope to see you there,


[1] To be announced

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