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FOSDEM schedule (booth and talks)

Hi all,

FOSDEM will be upon us in a few weeks already, so I guess it's about
time I post the schedule for people manning the Debian booth and those
doing talks in our Devroom. So, here goes:

As has been previously announced, the time available for the Developers'
room will be shared amongst Debian and Free Java people. We agreed that
on saturday afternoon, the Devroom would be for Free Java-specific
talks; on sunday morning, for Debian-specific talks; and on sunday
afternoon, for talks that are of interest to both groups. On saturday
morning, the devroom (and the booth) will be closed, since at that time
there's only the opening speeches in the official track (and everyone is
supposed to be there then).

For the Debian-specific bit of the DevRoom, this is the schedule:

10:00-11:00  Fabio Massimo Di Nito: Packaging Apache for Debian
11:00-12:00  Wouter Verhelst: A practical guide to using buildd
12:00-13:00  Martin Michlmayr: Dak, the Debian Archive Kit

devrooms@fosdem.org: could this be added to the official site? Thanks.

In the afternoon, as said, there will be talks of common interest to
both the Free Java and Debian-communities. This schedule isn't fully
completed yet, but right now we have:

14:00-15:00  Arnaud Vandyck and Dalibor Topic, Packaging Free Java
software for Free Operating Systems

We're still pursuing a second option to be held at the 15:00-16:00 slot;
if anyone else volunteers for the last slot, speak up.

Next, there's the booth. Several people have volunteered to man it, so
I've made a list and have put names on it. I know that some of you
aren't sure whether you'll actually come yet; and some of you might
probably not like the schedule as it is now (because you'd like to be
somewhere else than at the Debian booth at that time), so if there's
anything you'd like to see changed, yell, and Cc the person(s) you could
swap places with. If that's nobody (because you're not coming after
all), I'll take your place.

As it is now:

13:00-15:00  Alexander Schmehl
15:00-17:00  Michael Banck

10:00-12:00  Benoit Mortier
12:00-14:00  Peter Van Tilborgh
14:00-16:00  Jama Poulsen
16:00-17:00  David N. Welton

When you're scheduled to "man" the booth, that means you'll be the one
with responsability over whatever is standing there; by any means not
that I expect you to be alone at it, but not enough people volunteered
(yet? :) to do this a bit better.


Wouter Verhelst
Debian GNU/Linux -- http://www.debian.org
Nederlandstalige Linux-documentatie -- http://nl.linux.org
Most people have two reasons for doing anything -- a good reason, and
the real reason

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