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Re: FOSDEM supplies for booth etc.

Le Jeudi 22 Janvier 2004 01:21, Osamu Aoki a écrit :
> Hi,
> If nothing bad happens, I have blocked FOSDEM weekend to be there or
> nearby.  Anyway, I am one of the few lucky ones who live within walking
> distance from the ULB campus.  So no reason not to be there :-)
> If you need some supplies, I may be able to provide it provided someone
> help me moving them these.
> Is there any net connection there?  Should I bring my old switch and old
> hub which I do not mind getting lost?  Are power strip or extension
> needed?  Any extra PCs needed?

Any debian printout needed, i have some debian A4 printout left, i can print 
some more, If you need something else just ask we are located in brussels

See you all soon
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Benoit Mortier - Linux Engineer

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