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Re: Linux@Work January 2004 in Europe

Good Morning,

* Michael Meskes <meskes@debian.org> [031228 21:29]:

> As some of you may know there will be a Linux@Work roadshow again next
> months in Amsterdam (20th), Zuerich(27th?)

Yes, Zuerich is in the 27th.

> and Frankfurt(28th?). I'm not sure about Zuerich and Frankfurt (Alex,
> did you ask?),

Well, actualy I send you a mail 19th of december (when I found out
about the linux@work and your tutorial), and asked you.

Okay, just phoned them, and the guy told me, that we could get a booth,
if we do some advertisment for them (note do -news@l.d.o and info on
our event page).

> If enough people come, Ralf Nolden and me, will hold a tutorial on the
> later two shows, while in Amsterdam the same tutorial is held by two
> dutch people with me being around too. However, if the tutorial is
> cancelled in advance we still should be able to get the booth, but I'm
> probably not around except for Franfurt.

Do I understand that right, that visiting your tutorial costs 400EUR?
Wow, thats quite some money (at least for me).

Just for completness: Visiting the exhibition and "Corporate Session"
is for free, if you register before.

> I'm very hopeful that we find some volunteers to man the booth, well
> actually it was just a simple table the last time. :-)

Oh, yes I remember - that was that event, that took place right after
LinuxTag, wasn't it?

> Alex I take it you'd be willing to join us in Frankfurt and even
> organize the booth, right?

Sure. IIRC you still have the posters, havn't you? Whats left on discs
and flyers? I have nothing remaining.

> Who'd be willing to help in Zuerich? 

Did somebody volunteered for this? You need help?
How to you travell to Zuerich? In my very unaccurate geographical
knowledge, Frankfurt is near the way from where you live to Zuerich,
isn't it? Could you pick me up?

Yours sincerely,

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