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Offer booth infomarket BNAIS 2003

Hi all,

October 9th the second Belgian Dutch Artificial Intelligence Symposium
(BNAIS) for students will take place in the Centre for Mathematics and
Informatics (CWI) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  Next to the lectures
and workshops, which will be the main focus of the symposium, there will
be an information market where a number of universities, organisations
and companies will present some of their activities that we hope will be
of interest to the attending students.  We'd like to offer Debian a
booth at the infomarket.

The information market will be open for the entire duration of the
symposium, which is from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m..  However, we expect
participants to be attending workshops and lectures most of the time, so
you should expect interest to peak during the breaks and lunch and be
relatively low during the rest of the day.  Relevant snippets from the
schedule are:

10:00 - 10:35 Reception with coffee and tea 
13:00 - 13:45 Lunch and informationmarket 
14:55 - 15:15 Break

The attending people will be students from Belgium and the Netherlands
with an interest in Artificial Intelligence.  Last year there were 150
students at BNAIS and we expect to attract about the same number this

More info is available from our website [1] or you can just send any
questions you may have to the list.  (I've subscribed, so no need to CC

Would any Debian people be interested in manning a booth?


Tim van Erven
BNAIS Organising Committee

1. BNAIS Website
   English: http://bnais.via.uvastudent.org/index.php?lang=en
   Dutch: http://bnais.via.uvastudent.org/

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