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Debian developpers in CH/romandie ?


in order to organize a libre software and Debian project party, probably
sponsorized by the Debian Switzerland distributor, we are trying to
locate interested parties in the French-speaking area of Switzerland,
and the French border (Doubs, Jura, Savoie, etc).

Of course we are open to any Debian developpers, users and third parties
willing to travel to the Suisse romande when we do this event. We
are especially interested by ideas *what* to do.

We will work together with the linux-neuchatel and GULL user groups
(http://linux-neuchatel.eicn.ch/ and http://www.linux-gull.ch/) in
order to reach more people and have more success, ideas and
interesting talks.

Some information are on:


Please feel free to contact me in French, English or German.

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