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Re: -Events-

Jürgen A.Erhard wrote:
> Debian booths represent Debian.  But what *is* Debian?  What *image*
> does Debian have, in the community (and Debian *is* community-driven!
> Lose sight of that, lose the soul of the project), and among its
> users?

A booth does not always represent an organisation but also demonstrate
their products.  The product of Debian is Debian GNU/Linux -- maybe
Debian GNU/Hurd as well in the future etc.

Even while Debian is a community effort and community driven, its
product is used not only by the community and geeks but also by
professionals and companies.  Hence, it does make sense to attract
more than just the community at an exhibition booth.  Imho.

At least the Debian project wants to target everybody, wants to
produce the best and Free OS ever for everybody, including
enterprises, government etc.

> What image does Debian want to portray of itself?

Good question.

I guess this strongly depends on who is maintaining the image,
i.e. the booth.

> Debian is a volunteer project.  Debian is *not* a company.  So, why
> should Debian look(!) "professional" (for some definition thereof)?
> Why should Debian try to emulate KDE (which targets a different
> audience, I think)?

They target a different audience?  Which is their target and which is
Debian's target?

> I'm sure about the "professional event appearance".  I don't like it.
> To be more specific, I don't like what people *mean* when they say
> "professional appearance".  Look at the KDE booths.  You want emulate
> them, it seems.

They look more professional and less geekish at least.  They do
attract more than the community.  This is good, since the community
does already know about KDE (or Debian fwiw).  This helps spreading
the word.

> PS: I was booth personnel at LT '99 and 2000, and chatted up a number
> of visitors at both times, so I'm no outsider to Debian booth
> business.  But I see a disturbing (only for me, I'm afraid) trend
> here... but that's not the primary reason I didn't do booth duty since
> then.

Please continue the discussion, especially if you see a disturbing trend.



If nothing changes, everything will remain the same.  -- Barne's Law

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