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Re: Debian @ LSM

On Thu, 22 May 2003, Axel Beckert wrote:

> Ok, so LSM should be announced in Saarland and Luxembourg independent
> of it's location. ;-) No, but I really think, that this location makes
> it more attractive for not-so-enthusiastic German free software fans.
For sure it does and this is good.  Because Boredaux is near the coast it
can only attrackt people comming from East.  Metz could attract coming people
from all directions. ;-)

> > In my opinion it is not really important to be held in Metz
> No, but then it's closer to me. Pure egoism... ;-)
Well if there are enough such egoistic people around Metz that they are
able to fix this event in Metz it would be perfectly all right.  What I wanted
to say is that

    a) LSM has to be held anywhere
    b) has to keep the level of quality (implicitely thanks to people in
    c) has to be made public all over the world (especially to gain at
       item b) )

> > Helding a conference on one place is a profit IMHO to collect
> > experiences.
> Ack. So this counts now for Metz, doesn't it? ;-)
See above.  I really have no problems with Metz.  It is also nearer to
my home town.

Kind regards


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