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Speech for Debian-day @ LinuxTag

Hi all,

I would like to announce a speech for the Debian-day at LinuxTag. We develop 
an opensource software distribution system, that is able to install and 
manage many clients over the network. This includes partition, format and 
installation of a base system. If the base system is installed, you can 
remotely add more software to the clients. All software is distributed with 
the m23 server, that contains an Apache, MySQL, PHP and serveral other tools 
to manage the distribution. The administartion itself is done with a web 
interface, that can be used from everywhere on the local network. For more 
details have a look at www.m23linux.de.vu.

I don't know if I have the possibillity to deliver a speech, but I would like 
to do so.


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