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Re: webb.it

Il mar, 2003-04-15 alle 23:58, David N. Welton ha scritto:
> Haven't seen anything about this here yet - have you guys been talking
> about it on the Italian lists?  In any case, what do I need to do to


> make sure I have a pass as an 'espositore'?

i'll ask the webb.it admins, but you're about 2-3 months late to get a
free "expositor" pass. the call for people helping in organizing the
webb.it was done in november 2002. (anyway you can get a free 3 days
visitor pass).

i sent some week ago the wml for the webb.it news to joey and i was
about to poke him to see if mi MTA delivered (i had some problem with
spam-blocking lately).


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