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Re: LinuxTag Presence

Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> writes:

> Who would like to organize the booth at this year's LinuxTag in July?

If noone else volunteers i can do it.

> Who want to think about what is useful to demonstrate at the booth?

Everyone here?

> Who wants to staff the booth?


> Who wants to contribute with machines?

I think I can bring 2 i386-compatible machines like last year.

I have vacation from 09. - 14. Juli, so i will be there! :)
(And a bed in a hotel is already booked ).

bye Joerg
#debian.de @ OFTC
(01:38) <michael> hui, hier wird sonntags gechattet :)
(01:39) <maxx> ja, aber nur zwischen 1:35 und 1:45, wenn der Sonntag der 1. im Monat ist :)
(01:39) <Sahneschnitter> wasn hier los? activity :)

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