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Re: SolutionsLinux Feb 4-6 (fwd)

Andreas Tille wrote :

[about SolutionsLinux in paris]

> just read on zope mailing list.  Anybody able to represent Debian?

It has been coordinated by Thomas Seyrat <tomasera@debian.org>, mostly
on debian-devel-french.  We'll have a booth and people to manage it


Frédéric Péters <fpeters@theridion.com> <fpeters@debian.org>
Théridion, spécialistes GNU/Linux, rue de l'Aqueduc 83 - 1050 Bruxelles
GPG: 1024D/6783ED5E: 62BF 2EDA 404A 6EB4 F5BE  A1E2 A11D CBB1 6783 ED5E

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