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Re: Luxembourg Linux Days

On Tue, 24 Sep 2002, Rémi Letot wrote:

> What ? You have a real life ? :-)
Yes, it was me ;-).

> Ok, don't be sorry. I'll be there for the whole event, including
> preparation if needed,

> and could bring a computer. But for that I need
> someone with a car who could catch me in Namur, Belgium. I could still
> take the computer by train if it really comes down to this, but then
> no screen :-)
> HINT : the above paragraph is a call for a lift : HINT
Should I ask the organisators for a screen - just in case nobody is
able to understand your hint? :)
I guess other DD will also come by train ...

> Now something else, is there some way to sleep and have a shower on or
> near the site ? Is something planned ? If not do we plan something ?
I don't know.  I've got a free accomodation because I will have a presentation.
There are rumors that sleeping in Luxemburg is not really sheep ...

Kind regards


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