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Budapest keysigning

Hello there!

The time has come for a school trip; And this time the destination is
the Hungarian city of Budapest.

I shall arrive on Sunday the 22nd of September, 2002, and I will be
staying at the "Botel Fortuna" - a boat on whatever that river is that
flows through Budapest - on the Pest side.

I have talked to both 'mhp' and 'ocsi', and agreed that a keysigning
would be a good idea; And I'm CCing a few people who have shown an
interest in this, as well as debian-events-eu, in case someone happens
to be nearby.

Sunday, I will arrive at around 10:00 local time, and will probably be
available for the entire afternoon and evening, provided beer is
available. Same goes for monday afternoon, and most likely tuesday as
well, although judgement may be impaired by a visit to a local brewery.

Wednesday and Thursday will be used for all-day trips with the school,
although the evening/night will probably be used for going out none the

Friday, I leave at around 18:00 local time, so any last-minute
key-checks should be done before that time.

I hope for a good response from interested people; If you think you
might know someone who's up for a keysigning in Budapest, let me know.

Thank you in advance.

Ps. If you have received this mail in error: Sorry.

Rune B. Broberg

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