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REPORT: webb.it 2002

hi *, 

webb.it 2002 terminated on sunday afternoon but only now i regained
enough strength to write this report. ;) 

2nd and 3rd days were much more crowded than first one, with lots of
people looking for the Free Software/Debian booth to ask for info or buy
some of the merchandise (Debian, FSF Europe and Samba T-shirts, Debian
woody CDs burned on-the-fly...) we sold over 100 CDs and about 170
T-shirst (Debian one, not counting FSF & Co.) the money just paid the
material and printing cost but we now have a stock of ~180 t-shirts that
will be used in the next italian events. surplus money will be used in
part to produce new merchandise and in part sent to SPI. 

almost 40% of the people coming to the booth never heard of Debian or
Free Software. it was a pleasure to talk to them and explain about our

Debian island in the arena was quite crowded on saturday but did not
attracted many "foreign" people. we probably need to think about some
kind of "show" for the next year. 

the two nights were amusing with a gigantic (500 people involved)
water-gun war (first evening) and a concert of the GEMBOYS band (second
night). the arena was open 24/24h and nobody had more than 4h of sleep. 

the organization was perfect. all the people involved did a great job
and debian people were provided with staff passes. the booth had power
outlets, network connection, tables and chairs and anything else needed.

some photograph of the event are available at the following urls: 


see you next year at webb.it 2003, 

Federico Di Gregorio
Debian GNU/Linux Developer & Italian Press Contact        fog@debian.org
INIT.D Developer                                           fog@initd.org
     One key. One input. One enter. All right. -- An american consultant
           (then the system crashed and took down the *entire* network)

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