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Re: Linuxwochen CD Image NEW DEADLINE

Hi Joerg!

On Sun, 16 Jun 2002, Joerg Jaspert wrote:

> Send changes and i create one for you. :)

Thx 1.000^1.000^1.000 times
By now I get a single image but the installation attempt fails in both
grafic and text mode with (reformatted to fit screen)

/live/share/installer/installer-druid: Command "/live/sbin/bash 
	/live/sbin/debootstrap --exclude=lilo --include=fileutils,debconf,
	ash,discover,grub woody /target" failed with exit status 1

> You need to change:
> /debian.html
> /README.linuxtag
> /sponsors.txt
> /pics   (delete unused Sponsorpics and add your own)
> List of packages to remove and list to add.
I make the changes and send you a PM.

Thx Martin
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