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Re: LT review...

Michael Bramer wrote:
> maybe we should collect some pro and cons about the last LT in
> Karlsruhe...

OK, here are my comments:

>    - we don't follow the time table. Or better some debian develeopers
>      don't follow it. The first day, we have only some (2-3) debian
>      people on the booth and we have only some visitors. The booth was
>      empty and I don't like this..
>      After some hours Andreas and I move from the backstage to the booth
>      and IMHO the next days the booth was better. Also Jörg was all the
>      time on the booth. 

Every time I thought the booth was too empty or the talking developers
are overloaded I moved from the back of the booth to the front. I liked
the place on the back very much because there you can relax without
being asked every minute if you need a bit silence.

And of course there was a place to go with visitors who had a
special question about Debian or only wanted help installing Woody on
their laptop...

>    - I talk with some KDE people from the KDE booth and they buy some
>      'brezeln mit butter' (pretzels with butter (?)) every day. I like
>      this. Maybe we should buy some food and drink the next time too.

Especially some drink. Someone bought water for the booth, what I think
was great!

>    - CDs:
>      This year we make 5000 CDs and throw out almost all CDs on 3 Days. On
>      the last day we make a sign 'make a bounty and you get a CD'. And
>      we get donations...
>      - I talk already with someones at the booth: I like a DVD next
>        year, with:
>         - a normal mirror (like this year)
> 	- with a knoppix like live system. But this system should be use
> 	  ext2 as loop dev (and not a iso-fs). 
> 	- a optional 'install on your win9X box button' (like the swap
> 	  file in the knoppix of this days)
>        (I ask klaus and this is technical possible)
>    - Also on the other days we get some donations from our visitors. 
>      Maybe we should put some 'sparschein' at your booth the next year.

That would be great. I talked to a very interested Debian-user for
nearly half an hour and at the end he gave me 50Eur and vanished with 3
woody-cd's. Cool. ;)

>  - LinuxNacht (SocialEvent)
>    - Ok the show was ok, but the food and drink was last year better. 
>      to joey: please choose next year a other place ...

The museum was great, but too short-opened and I didn't like the
speeches, they were really hard to understand from my position...

>  - The AKK
>    - This place was super. nice hall, nice showers, nice connection,
>      nice barbecue and a good breakfast. Thanks to the AKK-Theam.

This is also my opinion. It was very cool to get in touch to the other
people attending the Linuxtag. And the breakfast was enourmous :)

just my 2 cents, 

  - Alexander

"fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity"

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