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Re: T-Shirts for the booth - and visitors

Michael Bramer wrote:
> On Mon, May 27, 2002 at 02:16:02AM +0200, Martin Schulze wrote:
> > Damit haben wir drei unterschiedliche T-Shirts am Stand:
> > 
> >  . 50x Debian Swirl Tux von Lehmanns Buchhandlung
> have you a price about this shirts?

Ah, that's what I forgot to ask yesterday.  Will fix.

> >  . 40x Debian from grisu
> I will get 10 Euro.

Same price, makes it easy. :)

> >  . 200x from the ones above, limited edition (I don't think that I'm
> >    going to remake them again)
> Have someone a cash box?

I can take mine with me and give you the key.  I may need one for
the office (tickets for the social event) as well, so if somebody
else has one, that'll be good as well.  If not, I can probably
get a second one if time permits.

> > We're also going to have Debian Apt mugs.
> have you a o png ?

Yes.  Err...  but where...

They're here now:




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