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Re: Negative statement of intent

> Joey isn't at any point talking about damaging such advertisements, 
> merely saying that he isn't going to help. 

Sorry, i have overseen the crosscopy to the debian-project Mailinglist.

As already said, there was a prior discussion on debian-events-eu
which led to this statement. You might want to read it, to get your
own conclusion.

I think that statements like

  'I would like to veto and strongly discourage this effort'

only have a negative effect and disappoint all the people who
have put engagement into the flyer. 

I think people up in the "higher ranks" of debian like Joey really
should refrain from such phrases as 'strongly discourage' or at
least make clear that they are only pointing out their opinions.

And i'm sure a wiser choice of words would have been something like

  'I really ask you and would like to see you using free software
   in creation of the flyer. This would be consistent with the
   goals debian believes in'.

Motivate, not frustrate! It doesn't help to stomp on engaged people
who try a last-minute fix of something which has been messed by

Got my point?


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